Phase Task
Capture Selected Capture Manager
Selected Capture Team
Defined Capture Team Roles & Responsibilities
Conducted Capture Team Training
Opportunity Internal Research and Development
Update to 1/3/5 year plan
Opportunity Influence Effort (Identify Customer Sponsor (who wants you to win))
Respond to RFI/Sources Sought
Attend Industry Day and/or bidders conference
Provide questions to customer
Determine Customer Procurement Schedule
Write Capture Plan
Management Review Capture Plan
Conduct Capture Kickoff Meeting
Estimate Capture Budget
Approve Capture Budget
Identify Stakeholders
Identify Source Selection Activities and Key decision makers
Determine Customer’s Evaluation Criteria
Complete Contact Plan
Competitive Analysis
Self Assessment Analysis
Determine Customer’s Program Funding available
Prepare WBS
Price to Win
Complete Black Hat Review
Risk and Opportunity Assessment with Mitigation
Complete Program IMP/IMS
Develop Win Strategy, Win Themes & Volume Storyboards
Complete Teaming Agreements
Establish Cost Bogies per WBS element
Determine Program Execution Strategy (CONOPS)
Identify Proposal Manager
Proposal Development Plan
Identify Proposal Team
Define Proposal Team Roles & Responsibilities
DRFP Conduct Draft Proposal Kickoff Meeting
Conduct Proposal Training
Provide ROM BOE estimates
Complete Story Boards
Identify Program PM
Identify Program Team
Develop Program IPTs
Complete Draft Outline
Complete Story Boards
Define IPT and Program Team Roles & Responsibilities
Develop Draft Proposal
Conduct Draft Pink Team Review
Conduct Draft Red Team Review
Develop Draft Program Plans
RFP Conduct Draft Proposal Kickoff Meeting
Develop Final Cost Proposal
Develop Final Program Plans
Develop Final Proposal
Conduct Red Team Review
Conduct Gold Team Review
Proposal Copies
Backup Copies
Proposal Delivery
Proposal Delivery Confirmation
Delivered Conduct Oral Presentation Training
Conduct Oral Presentation Dry Runs with Video
Conduct Red Team Review of Oral Presentation
Conduct Lessons Learned on Proposal
Prepare for Q&As
Prepare for BAFO
Complete Program Front End Transition Planning
Attend Customer Debrief
Conduct Lessons Learned on Proposal